A New Year, A New Look!

Toronto Sunrise
The first sunrise of 2015 in Toronto.

Happy New Year everyone! How’s 2015 starting off for you? Tristan and I kicked off the new year by watching the first sunrise of 2015 in Toronto. It was cold, windy, and cloudier than I would have liked but we still managed to grab a few good snaps.

Since then, I’ve been furiously working on completing one of the goals I set out for myself this year. Take a little look around. Notice anything different? That’s right! The website got a complete makeover. The old duds got sent to the trash to make way for some shinier and classier wares.

I have wanted to redesign the website for over a year now. I was tired of the look and didn’t feel it best showcased my work. But every time I sat down and really thought about a redesign, the amount of work I assumed it would take had me running for the hills. In truth, it actually wasn’t so bad and now I’m left thinking, why did I put that off for so long?

Don’t get me wrong, it was overwhelming and took something to get it to where it is now but it wasn’t anything that Google search couldn’t help me with when I got stuck.

My goal with the new design was something that would look cleaner and showcase the content in a magazine-like style. Right off the top you’ll find the current featured post with two additional posts below. This year I’ll be focusing more on video content, so I wanted a section on the landing page to feature that as well. Below this section you’ll then find two additional featured areas and these will likely change from time to time. You can still find my most recent posts listed on the sidebar to the right.seeyousoon.ca

I also wanted to organize all the categories that had been accumulating in an easier navigable menu. Just below the header you’ll find menus for Destinations, Videos, Photos, Resources, Thoughts, and Interviews. If you’re looking for posts on a specific country or topic, this will be the best place to start.

At the bottom of the site you’ll find snippets of feeds from some of my other social media channels. Make sure to follow me there if you aren’t already! All posts now have new sharing buttons at the bottom of them and links to related content are listed below that as well.seeyousoon.ca

No doubt I’ll be making some tweeks here and there over the coming weeks (I may change the header but for now I like it) but this is essentially the new look! Take some time to poke around the site and explore the new layout. If you come across any weird formatting, broken links, or issues with the site please let me know. There’s still a bit of work to be done.

If you tried to access the site the past couple of days, thank you for your patience!

Please let me know what you think of the new design in the comments below.


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