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Hmm…How About That?! Kamikaze Hookers in Nha Trang

While traveling in Nha Trang, Vietnam, Arienne and I heard this term “kamikaze hooker” being thrown around, usually in tandem with “watch out for.” At first I couldn’t fathom what this term could actually mean, beyond the ludicrous notion some suicidal sex attack. Apparently, the term refers to the ladies of the night who cruise the beaches of Nha Trang, preying on less than sober gentlemen who might as well have a massive target painted on their backs.

The said, “kamikaze hookers” will approach men with sly smiles and the typical “sucky sucky long time” jargon, perhaps running a dainty hand along their alcohol infused meat bags. And then, faster than you can say, “damn that’s my junk girl!” a hand will tighten a death grip around the family jewels, while the other will relieve the whelping target of his wallet. Cash will be withdrawn; the wallet thrown back in the man’s face, and a motorcycle will appear out of nowhere providing a swift means of escape. Like a great wind that dashes a mighty Mongolian fleet*, the ladies are off leaving the man to wonder, “hmm… how about that?!”

*Origin of the term Kamikaze

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