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Hmm…How About That?! Dog Packs in Kampot, Cambodia

While staying in Kampot, Cambodia, Arienne and I were repeatedly warned that it was not safe to walk back to the hostel late at night. But this wasn’t the typical warning related to muggers, gropers, dealers etc. that we are usually regaled with. You see, while traveling late at night in Kampot, you might run afoul of the various packs of dogs that roam the streets looking for anything, or anyone to eat. At the time, there had been numerous reports of tourists being tracked by the rabid packs, though actual attacks weren’t that common. Interestingly, the owner of our hostel explained to us that a firm plan of action was already underway to help solve the problem.

“A few months ago, the problem got really bad. There were dogs everywhere, and it was really dangerous at night. But then one day a barbecue opened at the top of the street. Then the problem with the dogs wasn’t so bad anymore. Heh heh heh!”

Hmm… how about that!?!


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