Photo Essay: View From My Window

View From My Window
Penang, Malaysia

Sometimes a new post idea is created before I reach a destination. Sometimes they don’t even present themselves until I’m right in the middle of an extraordinary (and not so extraordinary) experience. And sometimes I get a little inspiration for a new post by other travel bloggers.

One of my favourite travel bloggers is Stephanie from Twenty-Something Travel. I’ve been following her adventures for the past 2 years and get a kick out of her posts. Her writing is honest, funny, and insightful. A couple of months before starting my backpacking trip, I read her post “Out My Window: A Retrospective” showcasing shots from the windows of places she stayed in. I loved the concept and decided it would make a great post at the end of my trip as well.

8-months of traveling meant there were a lot of accommodations that Tristan and I had stayed in, with varying styles and comfort levels. From overnight trains and buses, to hostel dorm rooms and guesthouses, to beachside bungalows and campervans, I managed to narrow the field down to 13 places. Compiling these photos was a trip down memory lane, bringing back the feelings and specific stories that surrounded these locations. Not all of our destinations are featured, but the post gives you overall view of where our travels took us. Read more “Photo Essay: View From My Window”

Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk

What to do in Sydney
First stop on the coastal walk, Bondi Beach.

It’s no secret that Australia is home to thousands of beaches. And if you’re spending some time in Sydney, there’s quite a number to choose from in the lively city. But if you’re looking for a little exercise to go with those stunning views, the Bondi to Coogee Beach Coastal Walk is a must-do. Starting out at Sydney’s most popular and frequented beach, Bondi, you’ll make your way south for about 6km to Coogee Beach. Along the way you’ll pass three other beaches, Tamarama, Bronte, and Clovelly Beach, along with Waverly Cemetery and Gordons Bay.

The walk itself will take you between one to two hours, depending on your pace (and how many times you stop to take photos), and progresses at a moderate-intensity level. The scenery couldn’t be any more beautiful and will have you wishing you lived in one of the many houses that line the trail. In fact, if I lived in one of those houses or even somewhere close to the trail, I’d be walking or jogging it on a daily basis as so many Sydneysiders were doing.

If words aren’t enough to convince you to add this to your list of things to do in Sydney, then these photos should do the trick.

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Understanding Aussie Slang

Australian Slang
Our favourite Aussie term, budgie smugglers!

I remember the first time somebody asked me, “how ya goin’?” I thought to myself (with my nose turned up and pinky finger in the air); that’s not very good English. Now, seeing as I was in Darwin, Australia, I probably did myself a favour by not donning my English teacher’s hat, explaining the grammatical implications of what was said, and ending up with my head in “the dunny.” As it goes, most slang and colloquialisms aren’t necessarily in line with the Queen’s English, which probably explains why it is so much gosh darn fun to learn slang and idiom from other countries. God knows, Canadians have their own unusual and quirky sayings. (Fighting… so very… hard… not to… say… … … but I must… EH!)

Arienne and I had a blast learning Australian slang and we thought we’d share some of the words with you. As can be expected, some terms are a little more ‘rural’ than others, but we were rather impressed with some of the creativity involved, while also amused at some of the round-about ways these terms were created. And so without further ado, here’s our decoded list of Aussie slang. Read more “Understanding Aussie Slang”

Road Tripping Australia: Our Experience

Maui Campervans Australia
Our 4-berth Maui campervan, complete with toilet and shower!

Yesterday we began our series about our epic road trip in Australia. We wrote about relocation rentals and how they work. Today we continue our series describing what our experience was like and how much money we actually spent.

What was our experience like?

We had a great time using the relocation rental and road tripping along the eastern coast of Australia but we really felt the time crunch. Our original plan was to do 2 relocation rentals, one from Cairns to Brisbane and a second from Brisbane to Sydney. We had been monitoring Drive Now’s rental list for about a week and wasn’t seeing anything that would get us to Brisbane from Cairns within our travel window. After spending a couple extra days in Cairns waiting for something to come along, a rental from Cairns to Sydney popped up. We debated back and forth about taking it, but since it was available immediately, we knew we couldn’t wait any longer for something else to come along. Read more “Road Tripping Australia: Our Experience”