Photo Essay: London’s Street Art

Street Art London
Along Sclater Street is an array of street art on an old brick wall, including this piece by the Broken Fingaz Crew.

In my first post about my trip to London, I talked about the pubs, parks and plaques around the city and how they play a prominent role in the everyday lives of Londoners. But there’s another side of the city that has contributed to shaping its cultural and artistic qualities and that’s the street art scene. Noted as one of the best cities around the world for street art, I couldn’t wait to explore it. Read more “Photo Essay: London’s Street Art”

Understanding British Slang

British Slang

We may speak the same language, have the same woman on our currency, and both include ‘u’ in our spellings of colour, flavour and neighbour. But when it comes to slang and idioms, Canadians and Brits might as well be speaking foreign languages.

Before my trip to London, my understanding of British slang was quite minimal. It consisted of “bloody hell”, “bollocks”, and “wanker”, all the classiest of terms for this girl. I even started to use the phrase “havin a laff aint’cha?” after watching Ricky Gervais’ short-lived but highly entertaining television series ‘Extras’. But I was curious to learn more (and maybe ones that would make my mother proud) so one afternoon I was hanging out with my friends Alison, Mitch, and Hayley who schooled me in the art of British slang and idioms. Read more “Understanding British Slang”

Regent Street London

Parks, Pubs and Plaques: A First-Timer’s Visit to London

Regent Street London
My favourite spot in London was walking up Regent Street from Piccadilly Circus.

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to visit London. I mean it has everything I love in a big city; great public transportation, multiculturalism, interesting architecture, street art, distinct neighbourhoods, green spaces, and an array of food choices.

I was really excited to visit London. Hunky British accents aside, England is the country that brought us The Beatles and The Spice Girls, popularized fish and chips and perfected the true ‘pub experience’, where the Royal Family plays a prominent role in the country, and literary legends such as Sherlock Holmes and James Bond still appear in pop culture today. Oh, and I almost forgot Harry Potter and those iconic red double-decker buses!

Now I can finally say I’ve jumped the ‘pond’! Read more “Parks, Pubs and Plaques: A First-Timer’s Visit to London”

May Travel Plans

FlyingIt’s a dreary, rainy morning in Toronto today and while I’d rather be back in bed tucked under my duvet and catching up on some much needed sleep, there’s just too much to do! It seems that’s been the phrase these past few months (it’s crazy busy!) and hence why things have been quiet here on the site. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. This time last year I was jobless, unmotivated, and overall in a dark place. Fast-forward a few seasons and things have been much different (and busier) since September 2013.

The biggest change was that I got a job, woo! I was working in the RTA School of Media program at Ryerson University. I was leading workshops and tutorials on all things media related; audio, studio, single-camera shooting, editing software, digital media, and on-air performance techniques. No two days were alike and I loved the creative energy that greeted me every time I walked in the door. Read more “May Travel Plans”