September Travel Plans

I have to admit, I can’t believe it’s September already. How did that happen?! It really seems like just the other week I was looking forward to enjoying the summer months in Toronto and bam! just like that, 2 months have flown by.

Tristan and I arrived back in our hometown at the end of April and spent the better part of May and June adjusting back to a settled lifestyle, complete with creating new routines (seeing friends, going to the gym, hitting up our old favourite spots, and getting to watch our Blue Jays play once again).

For me, it wasn’t an easy adjustment. After almost 3 full years abroad, with 8-months of that constantly on the move during our backpacking trip, I found it rather overwhelming to be back in Toronto. I could go into more detail, as I think it would be important to share the effects of coming down from the “travel high”, but I feel it would be more beneficial to devote an entire post to the post-travel blues.

There was a lot of content to catch up on about our backpacking trip once we got back. I’m sure if you talk to any travel blogger who has been on the road for longer than a month, they’ll tell you how it’s difficult to stay on top of things while trying to travel full-time. I had hoped to get all caught up and wrap up all the posts I’ve got dancing in my head by August 31, but that was unfortunately not the case. Simply put, life got in the way. I picked up a job back in the TV industry mid-July to refill my bank account, but slowly started to find it difficult to continue the pace of production on the site while working 12 hr days (oh the joys of working back in television…).

But shortly this job is about to wrap up and I’m excitedly looking forward to my next travel plans;

New York City baby!

New York City

I’ll be heading to New York in a couple of weeks and will spend a total of 2 full weeks Stateside. I’ve been to New York a total of 3 times, but my last visit was back in 2007. I know a lot will have changed since then.

This will be a much different trip than I’ve been used to, as Tristan won’t be joining me. Sad face. While traveling, writing, and making videos is my passion, Tristan is going to be pursuing his passion; teaching. He completely fell in love with the profession while we were in Korea and will now be working towards completing his teaching degree here in Toronto over the next 10 months so he can become a fully qualified teacher. I’m so excited for him as I think he’ll make a kick-ass teacher, but I’m sad that my travel partner- in-crime will be out of commission for the next little while. We’ll travel together as much as we can (who knows, maybe his teaching degree will take us to various parts of the world), but for now, I’ll be driving all of the content for the site.

Radio City Music Hall, New York City
Checking out Radio City Music Hall back in 2007.

So back to New York.. my plans are still up in the air, but I know that I’ll be spending the first few days in Brooklyn (which I’ve never been to before) and then I’ll head over to Washington D.C to visit a friend and spend the weekend checking out the political centre of America. I’ll then travel back to Manhattan for one final full week. If you have any recommendations about things I should do and see, please let me know! I’m open to suggestions.

So with autumn somewhere around the corner, I hope you enjoy the remaining days/weeks of summer!! Do you have any upcoming travel plans?? I want to hear them!


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