Help Us Win the “I Am Intrepid” Competition

Hey Guys! We need your help!

Tristan and I have entered into Intrepid Travel’s “I Am Intrepid” competition. The goal of the competition is to show why you’re an intrepid traveler through a photo, video, written article, or song submission. We’ve put together a video submission highlighting why we think we’re the definition of intrepid travelers.

Adventurous? Check.
Fearless? Check.
Creative? Check.
Playful? Check.
Passionate? Check.
Caring? Check.

The first round of the competition is done by votes (which is where you come in). Then the top ten most voted entries by June 6th move on to round two, where 4 industry professionals will pick the ultimate winner. The prize? A trip for 4 where ever Intrepid Travel goes. It’s a big prize and one that would enable us to continue providing exciting and informative content for all of you.

So, how can you help us? We need the votes! It’s really easy and will only take you a few minutes of your time. You don’t need to sign up, sign in, or give your first born to vote. Plus, just by voting for us you’ll instantly get 15% off your next Intrepid Trip. How awesome is that?! It’s a win-win for all of us.
This is what our entry page looks like. See that blue box that says “VOTE”? Give it a click!

Watch our video (it’s only 3 minutes long, or skip it if you’re in a rush and watch it another time, but it’s a great video so I recommend you take a peek!). Then click on the blue box on the upper right corner that says “VOTE”. A small box will pop up on your screen asking you to type in the two words (to ensure you’re not a robot). After you’ve squinted your eyes and typed out what’s written, click vote once again. You’ll then get a message thanking you for your vote along with your discount code when you book your next Intrepid trip. Easy peasy!

So please PLEASE take the time to click over to our entry page and give us a vote. The competition is tight and we’d love to make it to the top ten! We’ll love you forever 🙂

Happy Travels!

Arienne & Tristan

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