Reconnecting With the Holidays at Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market

Things to do in Toronto over the holidays.
A giant 45-foot White Spruce tree marks the center of all the action.

As I make my way along the cobblestone pathways, I feel as if I’ve been transported somewhere else. Lights twinkle overhead in a spider-web like pattern, there’s a sweetness in the air that I can almost taste, the sounds of carolers bounces between the old brick buildings, and there’s the unmistakable smell of firewood burning somewhere in the vicinity. I soak it all in and remark that it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas.

For the past 3 years, I haven’t really celebrated Christmas. Two years were spent in South Korea where Christmas isn’t exactly observed, and last year I was donning shorts, a t-shirt, and a Santa hat on the beaches of Thailand doing everything opposite I’d normally do. So, you’d think being back with family and friends, and surrounded by holiday cheer everywhere I go, I would naturally be extra excited for the holidays this year… Read more “Reconnecting With the Holidays at Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market”