Video: 5 Underrated Christmas Markets in Germany

Christmas Markets in Germany

Every year over 2,000 Christmas Markets pop up all over Germany. Which means that’s a lot of Christmas Markets to choose from! There’s been a lot of coverage devoted to many of the large Christmas Markets in the country, but today I want to highlight 5 underrated ones to add to your list!


Christmas Markets in Germany

About an hour’s drive north of Frankfurt is the small town of Marburg which hosts two Christmas markets. The first is located in the Old Town, which features half-timbered houses dating back to the 14th Century. The Christmas market itself is small but charming and has food, gifts, and of course Gluwein to enjoy. The second market is located at St. Elizabeth Church. Wooden cabins circle the church grounds and you’re able to take in the festive time of year without all the crowds.


Christmas Markets in Germany

Situated where the Rhine and Moselle Rivers meet is Koblenz, one of Germany’s oldest cities. Here, the Christmas market can be found in 6 different locations within the old city centre. Local craftsman sell one-of-a-kind gifts, perfect for that special someone back home. Each area has it’s own vibe and tasty treats to enjoy and makes for a romantic evening once the sun goes down.


Unique Christmas Markets in Germany

For something very unique, head to the small village of Morz. This Christmas market only happens for one weekend every year and is truly the definition of a traditional Christmas market. The market takes over the whole village and features goods and foods made by the local inhabitants. It’s really something special and as authentic of an experience as you can get today.


Christmas Markets in Germany

On the western side of Germany, bordering Belgium and the Netherlands is Aachen. This Christmas market has been running for over 40 years and takes up the entire area around City Hall and the Cathedral. More than 120 stalls set up shop, many of which are run by local businesses and food vendors. One thing you can’t miss while you’re here is Printen, a gingerbread like sweet that originated in the city. There’s a number of varieties and it makes for a perfect gift to take home. If you have time, pop into City Hall where you can get an elevated view of the Christmas market from the second floor windows.


Christmas Markets in Germany

If you want the big-city Christmas market experience without being in a big-city, head to Heidelberg. More than five market squares in the historic centre transform into magical Christmas markets with over 140 wooden stalls spread out amongst them. There’s a wide selection of crafts on display along with regional cuisine to indulge in. Children can enjoy the ice skating rink and carousel while adults can stroll hand in hand with a mug of gluwein.

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11 thoughts on “Video: 5 Underrated Christmas Markets in Germany

  1. I love Christmas Markets! My favourite ones so far were in Strasbourg (France) and in Colmar (France). I heard great things about the Christmas Market in Aachen as well. I’d love to try a Printen there 🙂 The Christmas Market in Morz sounds like such an amazing concept as well <3

  2. Last year was my first Christmas time in Berlin and I really enjoyed the Christmas markets! Now I’m curious to get out of Berlin this year and explore the rest of the country! I bet Munich is incredible around Christmas!

    1. Halfway from Berlin to Munich you’ll come through Nuremberg, there you could visit THE original Weihnachtsmarkt (called Christkindlesmarkt) 😉

  3. Visiting the German Christmas markets has been high my dream list, I especially love that these are in smaller towns. I’ve heard such great things about Heidelberg and would check it out first.

  4. I have wanted to visit the Christmas Markets in Germany for ages. This just makes me want to hop on a plane and start shopping! I like the idea of Heidelberg so maybe next year…….

  5. Wow, what a cool video! We just went on a 2.5 week road trip around Germany, but we were a bit too early for the Christmas markets. They were starting to serve Gluwein though and man is that stuff delicious! It would be worth going back to Germany in the winter just for a a few more mugs of it! We loved Heidelberg so it’s pretty cool to see that they host a great Christmas market as well!

  6. I’ve mostly been to the really big Christmas markets in Germany, like Hamburg, Nuremberg and Munich. I just love them because they are so festive! I’ve heard really good things about Aachen, so I’d love to check that one out sometime.

  7. Visiting the Christmas Markets in Germany is so high on my wanderlist. I almost got to go in 2011 and my plans just didn’t work out like I had hoped. I would love to visit a smaller one so you can have even more of a local feel. Marburg looks perfect because the architecture is stunning and the market looks cozy. Heidelberg would be high on my list too though because I love the city itself!

  8. Visiting Christmas Markets in Germany is so high on my list. Every image I see is simply beautiful, like something out of a movie. The Christmas Market we have here in Toronto is beautiful but nothing like what i see in in those cities and towns. Based on your pictures I’d love to start with Marburg & Aachen. Beautiful.

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