Travel Costs: Laos

How much does it cost to backpack through Laos?
The Royal Palace Museum in Luang Prabang, Laos.

Often overlooked on the backpacking trail in Southeast Asia, Laos is a diamond in the rough. It is the definition of laid-back travel, where days are spent reading in a hammock, discovering richly adorned palaces, or just watching the river float by as you enjoy a drink on a patio. This landlocked country is the idyllic place to sink your feet into, soak in your surroundings, and just enjoy a slower pace of life.


We entered the country from the Cambodian/Laos border in the south and made our way over to Si Phan Don (the 4,000 Islands). We stayed 1 night on Don Det, 5 nights on Don Khon, and 2 nights on Don Khong. Leisurely days were spent mainly eating and drinking sitting beside the mighty Mekong River. When we did pull ourselves away from our idle lifestyles, we rented bicycles and explored the islands.

Feeling refreshed and recharged after a week of practically doing nothing, we headed north to Pakse and stayed for 4 nights in a double room with AC. Again, we didn’t get up to much except spending most days at a great little café, meeting some amazing travelers (whom we’d continue traveling with for the next two weeks and dubbed “the family”), and taking a day trip to the Bolaven Plateau. Read more “Travel Costs: Laos”