Video: Spirit of Malaysia


It was only a month ago that I was back in one of my favourite countries, Malaysia. Before I left, I wrote about how I was excited to be returning but a bit anxious about how my return visit would be – if my previous notions would change in some way.

After a long 30-hour travel day, I arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Maybe it was the jetlag, but I was overcome with this surreal feeling as our bus made its way to our hotel. As we drove through the city, my memory was jogged by familiar buildings and street names. And once we arrived at our hotel, all of my senses were on overdrive. The noise of the traffic, the humidity that made everything stick together, and that familiar smell in the air; an earthy, smoky, burning aroma that still to this day I’m not sure what it is. Incense?

Those first few moments in the city were like an out-of-body experience. I was so far away from home yet there was a feeling of comfortableness and familiarity with my surroundings. Read more “Video: Spirit of Malaysia”