Sarawak and the Annah Rais Longhouse Village

Sarawak, Malaysia
The landscape that lays before you as you drive inland through Sarawak.

The island of Borneo is made up of three different countries, Indonesia, Brunei, and Eastern Malaysia. It’s the third largest island in the world and home to thick jungle forests, tribal community groups, and some of the rarest plant and animal species in the world.

Many people often overlook Eastern Malaysia, instead focusing on the peninsular side of the country where skyscrapers, modern transportation and density reign supreme. But a trip over to Borneo will give you a different perspective of the country, one that is a little more rugged, chalk-full of nature and adventure, and steeped in rich cultural history.

Eastern Malaysia is split between two states, Sabah in the north and Sarawak in the south, and is the same size as Peninsular Malaysia. Locals joke that there are 4 seasons here; wet, very wet, hot, and very hot. After my recent trip to Kuching in Sarawak, I’d have to agree. Read more “Sarawak and the Annah Rais Longhouse Village”