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Photo Essay: The Streets of Georgetown, Malaysia

Penang, Georgetown, Malaysia

Visiting the island of Penang is both a cultural and culinary experience that’s unlike any other in Malaysia. There’s a deep history that spans the colonization of the British, the Japanese invasion during WWII, and the island’s independence in the 1950’s. Located in the Straits of Malacca, the island was an ideal port for trading and brought a mix of people who settled on the island, with a majority of those from India and China. What remains today is a fascinating hybrid of cultures, cuisines, ethnicities and styles of architecture that harmoniously coexist. Georgetown is a particularly interesting area of the island and the best place to see and experience what makes the island so special. Below is a series of photos highlighting the area of Georgetown.

Wandering through the streets of Georgetown.


Narrow walkways


Little India


Vibrant coloured clothes for sale in Little India.


Learning about Penang's history at Penang State Museum.


A small, tucked-away Chinese temple.


Komtar, Georgetown's commercial district.


Bins of pickled fruits sold by weight.


An old staircase in one of the heritage buildings in Georgetown.


Colonial influences are visible throughout the city.


Reflecting on the past.


Krishna Temples
The Sri Kunj Bihari Temple


Call to prayers can be heard throughout the day from the many minarets around town.



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