Hmm…How About That?! Chinese Potty Pants

Leave it to the Chinese to come up with the greatest invention since sliced bread, though this feat of engineering has less to do with slicing loaves and more to do with pinching them. In China, it is rather common to see little pairs of butt cheeks hanging out, doing nature’s business while being dangled by ever-doting parents. Ingenious feats of engineering have resulted in toddlers’ pants that have a 10cm slit in the posterior region. This means that by simply raising a child’s legs, parents can create the perfect bomb hatch for their children to immediately commence operation “Pigeon” on the sidewalk. It’s simply breathtaking. The first time you see this, you wonder: “where’s that kid’s underwear?” By the fifth or sixth time you see this, all you can say is: “hmm… how about that.”


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