Video: Tasty Tours Toronto, Kensington Market

Tasty Tours Toronto, Kensington Market
Some of the sugary delights you’ll sample on the tour.

Kensington Market is a phenomenal little neighbourhood in Toronto. It’s incredibly vibrant and oozes charm everywhere you look. I recently spent an afternoon exploring the culinary side of the area with Tasty Tours Toronto, the city’s only sweets tour. We visited 6 different shops and tried samples from each. Being the very multicultural neighbourhood that Kensington Market is, it was like a trip around the world one bite at a time. In addition to trying what the shops had to offer, our tour guide (and founder of Tasty Tours Toronto), Audrey, educated us on the history of sweets and where a lot of the products come from to make them.

Tasty Tours Toronto also runs a tour in the Trinity Bellwoods Park area specifically themed around chocolate shops. I can’t wait to try that one next! In the mean time, this video of the tour through Kensington Market should whet the appetite. Warning: I take no responsibilities for any sudden urges to consume sweets after watching this video.

Make sure to change the quality to HD for the best experience!


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Disclaimer: My complementary tour was provided by Tasty Tours Toronto. And while all views and opinions remain my own, they are wholly responsible for the sugar coma I experienced after the tour.


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