Extreme Canyoning in Vietnam, Part 1

Canyoning in Da Lat, Vietnam

I’m standing on the edge of a cliff with only my toes making contact with the rocks. The only thing that keeps me from plummeting is a thick black rope that’s looped around the clasp of my waist harness, firmly grasped in my right hand to stop it from uncoiling. As I lean back precariously over the edge, the first thought that races through my head is “why did I want to do this again?” I slowly tilt further back until I’m at about a 45-degree angle with the edge. I release my grip on the rope and suddenly the tension is gone and I’m taking my first step, backwards. Read more “Extreme Canyoning in Vietnam, Part 1”

Video: Crossing the Streets in Vietnam

How to cross the streets in Vietnam
Over 4 million motorbikes (and counting!) cram the roadways everyday in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Being a pedestrian can be quite a challenge and seem down-right scary to new visitors. But the key to crossing the streets in Vietnam is to go slowly. Believe it or not, the motorcycles and cars will swerve around you. Check out the video to see a first-person’s perspective of crossing the street in Vietnam. Read more “Video: Crossing the Streets in Vietnam”

From Hong Kong to Hanoi: An Overland Journey

Traveling from Hong Kong to Hanoi overland.
Traveling from Hong Kong to Hanoi overland.

Even before Tristan and I began our trip, I had started researching how we would cross over from China into Vietnam. Since we were going to be making the trek overland to save costs, we needed to figure out the best route, mode of transportation, and visa requirements for Vietnam. I searched Google and perused chat forums to see if others had done it and what was involved for them. But everything seemed outdated (posts from 2008) and no one really wrote exactly what they had done and what their experience was. Read more “From Hong Kong to Hanoi: An Overland Journey”