Video: Top 5 Things To Do in Toronto For The Holidays

What to do in Toronto.
Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square illuminated and decorated for the holidays.

The holidays are one of my favourite times of the year. Between the decorations, parties, food and drink indulgences, and cheerful tunes playing everywhere I turn, I love the feelings that the holidays bring. It was just last year that I was reconnecting with the holidays after being abroad for 3 years. But now with this years’ holiday season already upon us, I’m more excited than ever to celebrate them.

I’ve jumped right into the swing of things this time around. So much so, I set out to find and put together a video of the top 5 things to do in Toronto for the holidays. It’s no easy feat to choose just 5. Everyone has their specific traditions and interests but after consulting with a number of my fellow Torontonians, and including a bit of my own personal biased opinions (I’ll be honest!), I feel these top 5 are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit here in the city.

So which activities made the list? Check them out below! Read more “Video: Top 5 Things To Do in Toronto For The Holidays”

Video: Toronto’s Distillery District From a Segway

Segway Tour Distillery District Toronto
The main Gooderham & Worts sign in Toronto’s Distillery District.

I love spending time in Toronto’s Distillery District. Every time I visit the area I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. It’s one of the city’s most historic areas and the rough cobblestones and Victorian buildings are a stark contrast to Toronto’s Financial District core. The district was at one point the largest distillery in the world and has since become a vibrant cultural and entertainment area filled with one-of-a-kind shops, gallery and performance spaces, cafes, and restaurants. In the wintertime, it transforms into an outdoor Christmas market modeled after the Christmas markets made famous in Germany.

The Distillery District is the largest and best-preserved collection of Victorian Industrial architecture in North America. It’s one of the most sought after shooting locations in the city with Hollywood blockbusters such as Cinderella Man and Chicago using it as their backdrops.

The Distillery District is open to pedestrian traffic only and makes for a great place to explore at a leisurely pace. But if you want a little action and adventure to go along with your latte and fine art, pop into Segway Ontario where you get a tour of the district while scooting around on a Segway. Read more “Video: Toronto’s Distillery District From a Segway”

Learning to Ride an ATV in Mattawa, Ontario

The Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System, Mattawa Ontario
Going full speed through the mud holes.

“Oh you’re going to get addicted to this” said Rex, an ATV aficionado and one of four ATV enthusiasts who lead our group of three inexperienced female riders. It was a positive outlook for the start of the day. I, on the other hand, was focusing more on making sure I wouldn’t crash and burn.

I was recently invited by Ontario Tourism to visit Mattawa, a small Northern Ontario town about a 4-hour drive north of Toronto, to experience riding an ATV on the Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System. I’d never been on an ATV before and was excited about the opportunity. I also thought it could make for a fun video (see below).

I was joined by two other newbies to the sport, Dani of Going Nomadic and Christen of Divas and Dorks. Together we amped each other up, cheered each other on, and got in touch with our inner bad-assery (I know, that’s not really a word, but I’m going with it). We were instructed and lead by 4 experienced ATV riders, Jeff, John, Mark, and Rex who are passionate about the sport and want to show off why Mattawa is a great place to experience it, even for this all female crew. We were in great hands. Read more “Learning to Ride an ATV in Mattawa, Ontario”