May Travel Plans

FlyingIt’s a dreary, rainy morning in Toronto today and while I’d rather be back in bed tucked under my duvet and catching up on some much needed sleep, there’s just too much to do! It seems that’s been the phrase these past few months (it’s crazy busy!) and hence why things have been quiet here on the site. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. This time last year I was jobless, unmotivated, and overall in a dark place. Fast-forward a few seasons and things have been much different (and busier) since September 2013.

The biggest change was that I got a job, woo! I was working in the RTA School of Media program at Ryerson University. I was leading workshops and tutorials on all things media related; audio, studio, single-camera shooting, editing software, digital media, and on-air performance techniques. No two days were alike and I loved the creative energy that greeted me every time I walked in the door. Read more “May Travel Plans”

A Video Review of 2013, One Second a Day

There were a lot of beautiful sunsets to admire in 2013.
There were a lot of beautiful sunsets to admire in 2013.

At the end of 2012 I decided to take on my largest video project; recording every day of 2013 and compiling a recap video when the year was over. The concept wasn’t new and in fact I was inspired by a video titled This is What Madeline Did in 2011 to create my own “one-second-a-day” video.

I was initially drawn to the challenges it would take to create a video of this scope. Could I really remember to film something every day? What if there wasn’t anything interesting to record one day? But ultimately I was most interested in what the final product would show. The first month was difficult especially because I was lugging around my DSLR with me everywhere I went. But once I got an iPhone in February, things became a lot easier to record. Read more “A Video Review of 2013, One Second a Day”

Find Your Spark (Or How I Lost Mine and Hope to Get it Back)

Great Wall of China
Contemplating on the Great Wall of China.

Somewhere between the end of last summer and this spring, I lost it. It went out with a snap like a blown out candle, and I was only made aware that it was ever burning because of the lingering smell of smoke in the air.

It’s hard to imagine that just a little over a year ago I came back to Toronto feeling like I was on top of the world, a completely different person than I find myself today. For almost 3 years between 2009 and 2012, I had been living and traveling abroad. Two years were spent teaching English in South Korea, a job with a steep learning curve for this never-before-taught individual and a culture I had nothing to reference it to. But I adapted and learned the language, the culture, and how to fit in with a society that operated differently than my own.

Before returning to Canada, I was off on another adventure, this time backpacking for 8-months through China, Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. With nothing more than what we could carry in our packs and only concrete plans for a week at a time, my boyfriend and I had an adventure of a lifetime. Read more “Find Your Spark (Or How I Lost Mine and Hope to Get it Back)”