Video: Top 5 Things To Do in Toronto For The Holidays

What to do in Toronto.
Toronto City Hall and Nathan Phillips Square illuminated and decorated for the holidays.

The holidays are one of my favourite times of the year. Between the decorations, parties, food and drink indulgences, and cheerful tunes playing everywhere I turn, I love the feelings that the holidays bring. It was just last year that I was reconnecting with the holidays after being abroad for 3 years. But now with this years’ holiday season already upon us, I’m more excited than ever to celebrate them.

I’ve jumped right into the swing of things this time around. So much so, I set out to find and put together a video of the top 5 things to do in Toronto for the holidays. It’s no easy feat to choose just 5. Everyone has their specific traditions and interests but after consulting with a number of my fellow Torontonians, and including a bit of my own personal biased opinions (I’ll be honest!), I feel these top 5 are guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit here in the city.

So which activities made the list? Check them out below! Read more “Video: Top 5 Things To Do in Toronto For The Holidays”

Spending the Holidays Abroad and Making New Traditions

Christmas Markets in Germany
The town center of Dortmund, Germany decorated for the holidays. Photo Credit:

You don’t realize what a soul-warming gift it is to spend the holidays with your family until you’re living abroad and spending them for the first time alone. In August, I moved to Dortmund, Germany to train and perform with the Dortmund Ballet Company. Dortmund is a West German city located in the Bundesland of North Rhine-Westphalia and has about half a million inhabitants, a big change to living in my hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Spending the holidays abroad on my own has been quite the change for me and has given me some perspective on what I value most; being surrounded by friends and family. Luckily, Germany turns into one big festive country around the holidays and I’ve made some great friends to experience it with. Read more “Spending the Holidays Abroad and Making New Traditions”

Reconnecting With the Holidays at Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market

Things to do in Toronto over the holidays.
A giant 45-foot White Spruce tree marks the center of all the action.

As I make my way along the cobblestone pathways, I feel as if I’ve been transported somewhere else. Lights twinkle overhead in a spider-web like pattern, there’s a sweetness in the air that I can almost taste, the sounds of carolers bounces between the old brick buildings, and there’s the unmistakable smell of firewood burning somewhere in the vicinity. I soak it all in and remark that it’s finally starting to feel like Christmas.

For the past 3 years, I haven’t really celebrated Christmas. Two years were spent in South Korea where Christmas isn’t exactly observed, and last year I was donning shorts, a t-shirt, and a Santa hat on the beaches of Thailand doing everything opposite I’d normally do. So, you’d think being back with family and friends, and surrounded by holiday cheer everywhere I go, I would naturally be extra excited for the holidays this year… Read more “Reconnecting With the Holidays at Lowe’s Toronto Christmas Market”