Video: 8-Month Backpacking Trip Montage

Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand
Checking out Franz Josef Glacier on the South Island of New Zealand, nearing the end of our trip.

Everyone loves a good montage video, myself included. But when it came time to put my own together, I was confronted with the amount of footage I had to work with. Over the course of an 8-month backpacking trip that saw Tristan and I travel through China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand, we had shot a total of 1862 video clips, amounting to 201.18GB of data.

Just last week, Tristan and I celebrated our 1-year return-aversary. As the months, weeks, and days grew closer to that milestone, I found myself feeling more and more anxious. I couldn’t believe how fast the time was flying and I so desperately wanted to hold on to the incredible memories from our time on the road. There hasn’t been a day since we returned that I haven’t thought about that trip. I knew I owed it to ourselves to put something together that could encapsulate those months. The pressure was on. Read more “Video: 8-Month Backpacking Trip Montage”