Review: Columbia Sportswear Conspiracy Razor OutDry Shoes

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Having a good pair of multi-sport shoes when traveling is really important, especially if you tend to do a variety of adventure activities like I do. When shopping for shoes for my travels I look for a pair that will work in both rugged terrain and city exploration, be comfortable after 12 hours of continued use, and be somewhat stylish so I’m not packing multiple pairs of shoes. Columbia Sportswear recently sent me a pair of their Conspiracy Razor OutDry shoes and I put them to the test during my Kilimanjaro climb.

About the Conspiracy Razor OutDry shoes from the folks at Columbia:

Welded construction makes these lightweight, waterproof multi-sport shoes supremely comfortable while the flexible, low-profile design provides the perfect amount of support to keep you stable and nimble. Lugged for serious traction, the outsole also features strategic grooves and smear zones to keep you locked to the terrain without weighing you down. The wrapped sidewalls and rubber overlays provide durability and protection while the super-soft footbed creates lasting comfort for a great underfoot feeling. Columbia Sportswear

My Impressions

The moment I took them out of the box I noticed how light they felt. I was concerned that they weren’t going to cut it on the mountain, thinking I needed something bulkier and heavier but the lightness actually added to their comfortableness on the trails. I was very impressed with the outer soles of the shoes. They were sturdy and thick, with excellent traction and the areas around the toes and heels were reinforced, so I didn’t have to worry about stubbing my toe on a rock.

Columbia has incorporated their OutDry waterproof technology into the shoes. Yes, they’re waterproof! I was skeptical at first, especially when looking at the mesh overlay design. Now I wouldn’t recommend hiking through a river in them and expecting to come out dry, but they’ll withstand any rain or puddle action. I was also impressed with the breathability of the shoes, meaning after long days hiking Kilimanjaro my shoes weren’t stinking up my tent. A good pair of socks also helps in the stick department.

Columbia Sportswear
Putting the Conspiracy Razor OutDry shoes to the test on Kilimanjaro.

How Did They Perform?


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Excellent traction
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • No-slip laces
  • Waterproof
  • Breathability


  • I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about these shoes.

Overall Thoughts

While I was skeptical at first, I ended up being really impressed with the Conspiracy Razor OutDry shoes from Columbia Sportswear. With a price point of $130.00 CAD, they’re on par with other multi-sport shoes being sold on the market today. They were comfortable and light, broke-in quickly, and proved to be reliable on the varying terrain of Kilimanjaro. I will point out though that if you’re planning on climbing Kilimanjaro, I’d recommend a pair of hiking shoes that provide ankle support such as the Redmond Mid Waterproof or something similar. While the Conspiracy Razor OutDry saw me through with no issues, I’d say they’re more ideally suited for day or weekend hikes.

SeeYouSoon Score: 5 out of 5

Thank you to Columbia Sportswear for providing me with the Conspiracy Razor OutDry shoes. Opinions and views remain my own.