Hmm…How About That?! Roo Kill

Traveling to Australia gives a person the very special opportunity of seeing Kangaroos in their natural habitat; splattered all over the shoulder of the A1 highway. While the sight of many a poor roo marred in the tar may be the exact opposite of what a traveler was hoping to see, it isn’t necessarily that shocking, or indeed worthy of pity according to most Aussies. Fact is, the kangaroo population has skyrocketed across Australia to the point of the bounding marsupials being viewed as nothing more than a backyard pest. To make matters worse, many roos love nothing more than to bask in the residual heat offered roadside from an evening’s setting sun. Of course, when you put A1 and roo together, you get “roo kill”, and quite often a visit to the body shop for the car and a visit to St. Peter for the roo. Now, you might be wondering, “what can I do to help the poor Aussies from having a country covered in roo?” Well, ever heard of roo steaks? Roo burgers? Roo dog chow? That’s right, the next time you’re offered a little roo-for-the-que, don’t think twice (provided you eat meat of course). You might very well be stopping roo-kill, and preventing car accidents, one roo-chew at a time. Hmm…how about that?!


2 thoughts on “Hmm…How About That?! Roo Kill

  1. I met a guy who had recently backpacked Australia. When I asked him if he ate kangaroo while he was there he explained that his travel party just cut the tail off some roo-kill and cooked it up for dinner!

    1.  I believe I heard that they recently amended the law to make it legal to “cook what you kill”, at least with regards to Kangaroo. I wanted to include it in the article, but didn’t have time to do proper research…. but the tail!?!?!?! That guy’s got guts, no pun intended.

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