Henry’s Camera Giveaway!


It’s no secret that I love photography and videography. Just take a quick peak around the site or check out my Instagram feed and you’ll see what I mean. I’m always looking for ways to improve my craft and push the creativity levels.

Every year for my birthday I always treat myself to a new ‘toy’ and my go-to place is Henry’s, Canada’s largest photographic and digital retailer. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.

Last fall I was eyeing the 50mm 1.4f Canon lens to add to my kit. I wasn’t sure how I would like it, so I decided to rent it from Henry’s for a photoshoot I was doing with some friends. That’s right, Henry’s rents out a lot of their photography equipment, including lenses, DLSR and Video cameras, lighting, backgrounds, and even scanners and projectors. For a weekend rental it only set me back $22.50, a small investment to see whether or not it was worth purchasing the lens. Playing around with the lens for the weekend was exactly what I needed and later that week I ended up purchasing the lens.


The Canon EF 50MM 1.4 lens can be rented for $15 or $22.50 for the weekend.
The Canon EF 50MM 1.4 lens can be rented for $15 or $22.50 for the weekend.

Henry’s Rentals is a great resource for those who are looking to beef up their kit for a particular shoot or to test out something you’re thinking of purchasing.

Which brings me to some exciting news…

I’m thrilled to share that I’ve partnered up with Henry’s Rentals for my first ever giveaway! That’s right, I’ve got two (2) $60 gift cards to give away to two lucky readers!

Entering is easy. Just comment below on what you love to photograph most and why. Are you drawn to landscapes, architecture, foods, people, etc? Let me know why below! You’ll have two weeks to get your comments in at which point I’ll randomly draw two names and announce it on my Facebook page. So be sure to like my Facebook page so you’ll know if you’ve won or not.

The Canon EF 24-70mm zoom lens is great for landscape photography. I've got my eye on this for my next purchase.
The Canon EF 24-70mm zoom lens is great for landscape photography. I’ve got my eye on this for my next purchase!


The nitty-gritty: This giveaway is only open to Ontario residents (sorry other Canadian and International readers!) only because there are very few Henry’s stores outside of the province.

Check out Henry’s Rental site to start getting some ideas on what you’ll use your giftcard towards!

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Thank you everyone for entering!


15 thoughts on “Henry’s Camera Giveaway!

  1. Amazing! I love taking snaps of animals in the wild, so I am shopping for a great telephoto lens. This would help out so much. Pick me!

  2. The accessibility of photography now is so great. I real feel like my training in RTA helped me learn to capture photographs so well, even though it was “videography”. My favourite things to photograph? It’s hard to choose. I LOVE capturing my gardens in different lighting and different stages of the seasons. I also love snapping shots of the dogs and soon, I’m sure, my new baby! Finally, I equally love getting the intense-working-collaboration faces on my students when they are right in the moment. 🙂 Capturing the simple things in my life allows me to reflect and be grateful on the not-so-easy days, which in teaching, there are many of.

  3. This is a great contest 🙂 I love to photograph nature (plants, landscape, my cottage makes this all possible) any cute animals (my parents puppy is the most photographed dog ever) and candid natural moments. There is nothing better than a photo of someone who doesn’t know that the moment they are in is being captured. You get some beautiful photos that way. I could use a few new toys to try out with my new Canon 70D!

  4. Awesome contest! I love landscape and portrait photography. I am taking photography a little bit more seriously these days and considering buying the Canon Mark III so getting that gift card might cover a rental to see if I like it 😉

  5. I’m also shopping for a telephoto lens for my upcoming trip to South Africa. I’m considering renting because I’m not sure I would use it in my everyday pics, most of which are my favourite place – Toronto!! 😀

  6. Great contest! That’s a hard one! I find I photograph food a lot (it’s no surprise cuz I like to eat… A LOT!). I love to capture narrow cobble streets in Europe, charming windows, doors and balconies, although I think it’s photos of local people that can tell the best stories.

  7. Great giveaway… I love how you treat yourself to a new piece of photography equipment for you birthday – beats a mani/pedi any day!! I’ve been eyeing a mirrorless dslr for landscapes for awhile so, a rental may be a great way of test driving it out before I take the plunge.

  8. I usually take landscape/cityscape photographs while travelling but I’ve been itching to put my fine arts degree to use. I have a few ideas for surreal fine arts photographs that I could use a couple different lenses for.

  9. I’m not the best with the camera, so honestly I love to photograph the love of my life. Every shot is a keeper… except the ones she tells me to delete 🙂

  10. Food! I love to take pictures of food on my travels and around town, not just the final product but how it is made, where the ingredients come from and who makes it.

  11. The 50mm 1.4f is a sweet lens! They call that the “Wonder” don’t they? I’ve always like photos of interesting things, like textures, landscapes and much that was run down, discarded and wasting away. Please exclude me from the draw, and good luck to everybody else!

  12. Renting gear to try it out before you buy is such a great idea. I should do that more often. One of the subjects that I love to photograph is funky vintage signage and lights, especially on the midway at a carnival.

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