An Idiot Abroad: Too Many Whiskey Buckets for These Bucket Heads

Periodically we come across some people who behave idiotically or are simply just plain idiots. Taking some inspiration from the television show “An Idiot Abroad” we thought we would highlight these people we meet during our travels and point out how you can avoid falling victim to their same stupidity.

Location: Vang Vieng, Laos

Type of Idiocy: Drunken, Failed Prank, took fun way over the line.

Consequences: Return ticket may now be a one-way ticket, guaranteed visit to the embassy, fine or jail time if caught

Description: While hanging out on the terrace of our guesthouse, Arienne was summoned by two hysterical Brits who wanted to show her the “funniest thing in the world…” for which they swore “you’ve gotta see this!” These two geniuses were simply beside themselves with laughter, clearly having had one too many whiskey-buckets, though still desperately clinging to one more “for the road.”

As Arienne approached, one fellow pressed a passport into her hand, as he quivered with delight for the tale he was about to expound. “Look at his picture. I mean, LOOK AT HIS PICTURE!” Arienne turned to the photo page of the passport. “We took this guy’s passport (gesturing to his companion in inebriation) and cut out his photo, and then replaced it with the guy on the bill (Laos Kip)… HAHAHAHA!!!!” Sure enough, instead of this foolish fellow’s face being inside his passport, there was now the face of Cason Fomhivan, clearly cut out of a 10,000kip bill.

Genius the first continued: “And look at this, we took his face (once again gesturing to his inebriated companion) and put it on the Laos money.” Now having a bill pressed into her other hand, Arienne could see Genius the Second’s face taped onto the bill where Cason Fomhivan had been.” Arienne did her best to be congenial, “please tell me this is an expired passport?” she queried. “No! That’s my actual passport. How am I going to get home?” Genius the Second bellowed out, doubling over into a fit of laughter, only to be interrupted with another sip of his whiskey-bucket. Seeing there was nothing else to be done, Arienne simply shook her head and walked away. “Idiots…”

Moral of the story: Vang Vieng can be a great time. Drinking whiskey buckets can be be a great time too. But whatever you do, try not to pull any pranks when you are grossly intoxicated. In this case, someone might not be getting on his flight as originally planned. As has happened other times in Vang Vieng, some people don’t know when to rein it in, and never make it out of Vang Vieng, permanently.