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Toronto’s food and beer scenes are on point these days. Never has there been more options, more variety, and more experimentation happening on both fronts. Toronto has long been a foodie-city, the multiculturalism allows tastebuds to travel the word without leaving the city limits. But in the past few years, craft breweries have been popping up in increasing numbers. In fact, these days it seems like a new brewery is opening up each month, and no one is complaining might I add.

Torontonians love beer, but not just any ’ole beer. We love good beer, smartly crafted beer, beer that makes us stop and think about what we’ve just tasted. We also take our food very seriously. So, when you can find a place that brews great beer AND serves exceptional food, people take notice.

In a quest to showcase the best brewpubs in Toronto, those places that brew their own beer and serve food, I conducted a survey back in March. While I could have put this list together myself, I wanted those who know the brewpub scene in the city the best to have their say.

So what have they chosen as the top 5 brewpubs in Toronto? Go on and watch the video! Then come back and read about some awesome giveaways. It’s ok, I’ll wait…

Craft Beer in Toronto


Now that you’ve watched the video, you’ve probably got beer and food on the brain. Lucky for you, I’ve got some awesome giveaways to satisfy those cravings! The top 3 brewpubs have all given me gift certificates to give away to 4 lucky viewers. There’s a $50 giftcard for Folly Brewpub, two (2) $50 giftcards for Mill St. Brewpub, and a $40 giftcard for Indie Ale House up for grabs.

To enter, all you have to do is

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel (If you’re already subscribed, awesome! Proceed to #2)
  2. Answer this question in the comments section on my YouTube channel below the Top 5 Brewpubs in Toronto video:

Where in the world have you had your most memorable beer and why was it so memorable?

Nitty Gritty: The contest will run until May 11th and then I’ll randomly choose 4 winners. Contest is only open to those 19 years of age or older and can only be used for the purchase of food items, before taxes and gratuity. You don’t have to be a Toronto resident to win, but you’ll have to get yourself into the city.

Complete List of Brewpubs in Toronto

When I talked to people about wanting to put together a video about Toronto’s brewpubs, I heard a lot of “there’s more than 5?” Yup, there is. More then 10 in fact (and growing).

  • Amsterdam BrewHouse
  • Barvolo
  • Batch
  • Bellwoods Brewery
  • Burdock
  • Duggan’s Brewery
  • Folly Brewpub
  • Granite Brewery
  • Indie Ale House
  • Lansdowne Brewery
  • Louis Cifer Brew Works
  • Mill St Brewpub & Mill St Beerhall

How Were the Top 5 Determined?

Top 5 Brewpubs in Toronto

Back in March, I ran a survey for 2 weeks to determine the top 5 brewpubs in Toronto. The survey was made up of 10 questions and each question carried a weighted value. Depending on the number of votes a brewpub received, those votes were multiplied by the weight of the question. The total points for each brewpub were then tallied and the 5 brewpubs with the most points were named the top 5 brewpubs in Toronto. Below is a complete list of the questions, the weight, and the top 5 results for each question.

Top Brewpubs in Toronto

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6 thoughts on “Video: Top 5 Brewpubs in Toronto!

  1. My most memorable beer? Jeez… I think to would have to be having a couple sundowners in Uganda after spending the day trekking with gorillas. The others in my group and I went down to the dock that overlooked Lake Bunyoni (where we were staying for a couple nights) with our Nile Special beer in hand and watched the sunset. 🙂

    1. Oh that does sound very memorable! Nothing like a cold beer after a full day outside in the heat while enjoying a sunset 🙂 PS – Make sure to comment on the video on my YouTube channel to be entered 😉

  2. I hate to be a cheesy one but my most memorable beer was at the Gahan House in Charlottetown on my first date with Dave.

    1. That’s not cheesy at all 🙂 It’s memorable for all the right reasons. I’ll have to check out Gahan House when I’m pass through Charlottetown this summer! And PS, make sure to comment on the video on my YouTube channel to be entered in the giveaway 😉

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