Comic Walls in Antwerp Belgium

The Comic Walls of Antwerp

Comic books and comic series have long played a vital role in Belgian culture and even the development of European comics as a whole. Large-scale production of comics began in the country in the late 1920s and has developed alongside their French neighbours as a distinct art medium since then. The … [Read More...]


Ghent Gent

Video: Portraits of Ghent

It didn’t take very long, a couple of hours in fact, but Ghent stole my heart. From the narrow and quiet cobblestoned streets to the spacious Graslei where friends meet and tour groups roam in packs, the city was everything I could have asked for in this little slice of Europe. Ghent, or Gent as the … [Read More...]

Dogsledding at Winterdance, Haliburton Ontario

Video: Dogsledding in Haliburton, Ontario

Did you know that dog sledding is one of the oldest forms of transportation? Recent archaeological evidence shows that humans living in the arctic region have been using huskies to get around as far back as 4,000 years ago. Not much has changed in the design of dog sledding throughout that time either, with dogs […]

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