Top 5 Brewpubs in Toronto

Video: Top 5 Brewpubs in Toronto + Giveaways!!

Toronto’s food and beer scenes are on point these days. Never has there been more options, more variety, and more experimentation happening on both fronts. Toronto has long been a foodie-city, the multiculturalism allows tastebuds to travel the word without leaving the city limits. But in the past … [Read More...]

Hotel de Glace

Video: Inside the Hôtel de Glace – North America’s Only Ice Hotel

Every year in Quebec City, on the old grounds of the Quebec Zoo, an architectural marvel takes shape. 50 people work tirelessly for about 6 weeks to construct, mold, and shape North America’s only ice hotel – the Hôtel de Glace. Made entirely out of snow and ice, 30,000 tons of man-made snow and 500 […]

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