Stylish and Travel-Friendly Clothing from Mark’s

Sung Alfred Sung Melton Peacoat

When it comes to my travel wardrobe, I’ve always chosen function over fashion. I opt for items that are multipurpose, don’t wrinkle easily, travel lightly, and most importantly, are comfortable to wear for a full day in destination. As a result, my travel clothes are fairly basic, leaving a lot to be desired. The folks […]

Review: Columbia Sportswear Zero Rules Short Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Sportswear Zero Rules

Getting a good travel t-shirt might seem like a simple task. But finding the right shirt that can withstand various adventure activities time and time again tends to be a bit trickier. I’ve had my fair-share of shirts over the years that faded over time, frayed at the seams, took forever to dry, and became […]