Hmm…How About That?! Overnight Buses in Laos

Sleeper Buses in Laos

It is never a pleasant experience taking an overnight bus, unless of course you are some sort of sleep deprivation masochist, but “sleeper” overnight buses in Laos have taken the experience to a whole new level. Instead of the typical 3 aisles of bunked bobsled-style beds found on most Chinese and Southeast Asian overnight buses, […]

Bus from Sihanoukville to Kampot – A Revolution on Wheels

10 minutes into the ride the music began. At jackhammer decibels, the pulsating beat of local Cam-pop shook our skulls to nauseating levels. On this bus, vomiting was not an option. There just wasn’t enough space. The 15-seat mini bus was rammed to the tits with twelve weary travelers, luggage pouring from the “trunk” and […]

From Hong Kong to Hanoi: An Overland Journey

Even before Tristan and I began our trip, I had started researching how we would cross over from China into Vietnam. Since we were going to be making the trek overland to save costs, we needed to figure out the best route, mode of transportation, and visa requirements for Vietnam. I searched Google and perused […]