Video Series: Winter in Ontario’s Highlands – Snowmobiling For the First Time

Snowmobiling in Ontario

I have a couple of friends who are really into snowmobiling – like full on into the sport. To them, there are only two seasons; snowmobiling and non-snowmobiling season. While some of us dread winter arriving too early or staying too long, they hope for the longest winter season possible. I’ve often wondered what the […]

Video Series: Winter in Ontario’s Highlands – Ice Climbing in Haliburton Highlands

Ice Climbing in Ontario

I’ve lost all feeling in my fingers. It’s -20°C and I’m face to face with a wall made of sheer ice. My full body weight is being supported by the picks of my axes and an inch of metal jutting out from my boots. One at a time I try to reposition each limb higher […]