Video Series: Snowshoeing at Wheelers Pancake House & Sugar Camp

Where to snowshoe in Ontario

It’s the final week of my Winter Video Series in Ontario’s Highlands and what an amazing ride it’s been already. From skiing at Calabogie Peaks, to ice climbing in the Haliburton Highlands, to trying snowmobiling for the first time, I’ve had an incredible time exploring the region! And would you believe it… I think I’ve […]

Video Series: Winter in Ontario’s Highlands – Ice Climbing in Haliburton Highlands

Ice Climbing in Ontario

I’ve lost all feeling in my fingers. It’s -20°C and I’m face to face with a wall made of sheer ice. My full body weight is being supported by the picks of my axes and an inch of metal jutting out from my boots. One at a time I try to reposition each limb higher […]

Bicycle Wine Tour in Niagara-On-the-Lake

Bicycle Wine Tour in the Niagara Region

When my friend Hayley first suggested we do a bicycle wine tour, my initial response was “yeah, that’d be awesome!” But then my rational self made an appearance and started questioning if mixing alcohol while balancing oneself on two wheels was really a smart idea. I allowed those thoughts about 5 minutes of attention and […]

Video: Dogsledding in Haliburton, Ontario

Dogsledding at Winterdance, Haliburton Ontario

Did you know that dog sledding is one of the oldest forms of transportation? Recent archaeological evidence shows that humans living in the arctic region have been using huskies to get around as far back as 4,000 years ago. Not much has changed in the design of dog sledding throughout that time either, with dogs […]

Video: Top 5 Things To Do in Toronto For The Holidays

What to do in Toronto.

The holidays are one of my favourite times of the year. Between the decorations, parties, food and drink indulgences, and cheerful tunes playing everywhere I turn, I love the feelings that the holidays bring. It was just last year that I was reconnecting with the holidays after being abroad for 3 years. But now with […]