Video: The Ketumbeine ADP with World Vision Canada

Maasai Women World Vision

Before embarking on my Kilimanjaro climb, I had the chance to visit one of World Vision Canada’s area development programs in Tanzania. An ADP (for short) is when World Vision partners with a community in a distinct geographical area to improve the well-being of children through various initiatives. I had often wondered what their work […]

10 Must-Try Korean Dishes

Korean Food Dishes

Food is a very important aspect of Korean culture. It’s always enjoyed in a group setting and almost always ‘family style’ – everyone helping themselves to the various dishes on the table. Korea may be one of the few places where double dipping is allowed, even encouraged. Friends and co-workers meet over meals and business […]

Photo Essay: Street Art in Dallas

Street Art in Deep Ellum

Located a short distance east of downtown Dallas is the historic area of Deep Ellum. It’s one of the oldest neigbourhoods in the city and has a long history of being an entertainment and nightlife centre. Today, it’s an eclectic blend of retail shops, bars, coffee houses, and art galleries housed in converted warehouses. Centering […]

Cowboy Heritage in Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth

As part of the greater megaplex that includes Dallas and Grapevine, Fort Worth is ‘where the west begins’. The city was originally established as an army outpost in 1849 to protect the settlers of West Texas after the Mexican War. It soon transformed into a booming town when it became a key stop along the […]

The Comic Walls of Antwerp

Comic Walls in Antwerp Belgium

Comic books and comic series have long played a vital role in Belgian culture and even the development of European comics as a whole. Large-scale production of comics began in the country in the late 1920s and has developed alongside their French neighbours as a distinct art medium since then. The Adventures of Tintin, Spike […]