Travelers Say the Darndest Things, Part 1

Location: Various Type of Idiocy: Lack of Education, SFB (Shit for brains), Failure to filter oration of Shit for brains Consequences: Possible continued spread of the disease “SFB”, potential addition to the as of yet unwritten “do not associate” list, Description: Case #1 Relayed to us by our friend Katrin from Germany, who had this […]

An Idiot Abroad: The Bat Out of Hell

Location: Chengdu, China Type of Idiocy: Ignorance, One track mentality, Powers of observation of a drunk panda Consequences: Angry dorm mates, Heightened potential of unfortunate future confrontations, Addition to the as of yet unwritten “Do not House” list. Description: Staying in a four bed dorm room with only three filled beds, Arienne and I decided […]

An Idiot Abroad: “Please Take My Money…And My Identity Too!”

Location: Pai, Thailand Type of Idiocy: Naivety, Imprudence, “Mommy and Daddy always take care of this for me” Consequences: Potential identity theft, credit card fraud, unknowingly indebted to her neighbour Description: While staying in Pai, Thailand, Arienne and I were residing in a two-room bungalow that had very thin walls. At 8:30 in the evening, […]