Hmm…How About That?! GOON!!!

Normally when people hear the word ‘goon’, they think of some hired thug or a stupid ignorant roughneck. Interestingly enough, in Australia goon is a type of wine, which pretty much fits the definitions provided above. Goon, the Australian kind, is a type of wine that falls under the “boxed” vintage variety. To be more […]

Hmm…How About That?! Roo Kill

Traveling to Australia gives a person the very special opportunity of seeing Kangaroos in their natural habitat; splattered all over the shoulder of the A1 highway. While the sight of many a poor roo marred in the tar may be the exact opposite of what a traveler was hoping to see, it isn’t necessarily that […]

Hmm…How About That?! Gecko Shit

I was sitting on the veranda of our cabin in Bali when I felt a warm sticky splatter on my left arm. I knew immediately that it was no pigeon that had laid me out. A few days ago, we had met with a friend, and when I told her we were thinking of removing […]

Hmm…How About That?! Overnight Buses in Laos

Sleeper Buses in Laos

It is never a pleasant experience taking an overnight bus, unless of course you are some sort of sleep deprivation masochist, but “sleeper” overnight buses in Laos have taken the experience to a whole new level. Instead of the typical 3 aisles of bunked bobsled-style beds found on most Chinese and Southeast Asian overnight buses, […]