Photo of the Week: A New Beetle Species?

A colourful, hairy beetle we found along our trek in the Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

While trekking through the Cameron Highlands to see the famed rafflesia plant, we came across this beautifully coloured beetle. Our guides had said they had heard about this particular species, but had never laid eyes on it until now. We tried to find out the name of this oddly hairy antennae(d) beetle but came up with nothing. Do you know what this species is?

4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: A New Beetle Species?

    1.  Whoa! Nicely done Anon. I thought this one would remain a mystery wallowing in the “previous” pages of the site. Thanks so much.

  1. This is in the genus Diastocera. They catch these, kill them, and sell them as collectibles. Very well-known; just Google it and you’ll see lots of them for sale.

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