5 Ways to Save Money While Traveling in Singapore

On the Southeast Asian backpacking trail, Singapore stands out as the grand dame of them all. With a multicultural population, modern architecture, and a state-of-the-art public transportation system, it’s easy to navigate and immerse yourself in the country. With a highly developed economy, relying heavily on foreign relations, Singapore is a thriving world business centre. […]

Photo Essay: Singapore

Singapore is one of those places that seems to be everything crammed into one; distinct neighbourhoods, a stunning harbourfront, delicious food, large malls, crowded markets, a diverse history, upscale hotels and restaurants, and hawker centres for the budget conscious. There’s something for everyone in this pristine country, including captivating imagery for photography buffs everywhere.

How to Eat at a Hawker Centre

How to eat at a food court in Malaysia?

When you’re traveling through Malaysia and/or Singapore, there’s no better place to get delicious and cheap food than at a hawker centre. But what’s a hawker centre you might be asking? It’s essentially like an outdoor food court made up of a bunch of different food vendors selling a variety of dishes and drinks. There’s […]