Hong Kong

What to see and do in Hong Kong.

Arriving in Hong Kong was like a breath of fresh air, which is a little funny considering the hazy atmosphere it is sometimes known for. However, after having just spent 3+ weeks in mainland China, it was a pleasure to find ourselves in a city where the culture felt a little closer to home. Gone […]

Photo Essay: Shanghai Architecture

Shanghai is a fascinating city. Located on the eastern coast of China, it’s been a popular destination for international travelers and businessmen for hundreds of years. The city is very modern and evokes feelings of strength, power and wealth. While the city may not be home to famous historical sites, it’s in the architecture of […]

The Terra-Cotta Warriors

In the spring of 1974, two farmers were drilling a well and came upon one of the greatest discoveries in the last 50 years. At the time, the magnitude of the discovery was unimaginable. But as archeologists continued to uncover what had been hidden for over 1700 years, the scale and craftsmanship of what they […]