Photo Essay: View From My Window

View From My Window

Sometimes a new post idea is created before I reach a destination. Sometimes they don’t even present themselves until I’m right in the middle of an extraordinary (and not so extraordinary) experience. And sometimes I get a little inspiration for a new post by other travel bloggers. One of my favourite travel bloggers is Stephanie […]

An Idiot Abroad: The Bat Out of Hell

Location: Chengdu, China Type of Idiocy: Ignorance, One track mentality, Powers of observation of a drunk panda Consequences: Angry dorm mates, Heightened potential of unfortunate future confrontations, Addition to the as of yet unwritten “Do not House” list. Description: Staying in a four bed dorm room with only three filled beds, Arienne and I decided […]

Hmm…How About That?! Chinese Potty Pants

Leave it to the Chinese to come up with the greatest invention since sliced bread, though this feat of engineering has less to do with slicing loaves and more to do with pinching them. In China, it is rather common to see little pairs of butt cheeks hanging out, doing nature’s business while being dangled […]

From Hong Kong to Hanoi: An Overland Journey

Even before Tristan and I began our trip, I had started researching how we would cross over from China into Vietnam. Since we were going to be making the trek overland to save costs, we needed to figure out the best route, mode of transportation, and visa requirements for Vietnam. I searched Google and perused […]